Custom Videos & Pictures

I offer custom videos and picture sets with the models you see below because we have set up a specific date to shoot with these models. Those dates are listed below each model's image. That is the date your custom will be done.  Please make sure you look over the FAQ for customs, if you already haven't, along with what I do not film.

Also, please be aware that custom video prices have increased.  See the post about that here.

July 14th
customs closed


 Terms of Use

  1. All custom videos and picture sets are copyrighted by Fanta Productions and are not to be redistributed to anyone or shared anywhere in any way.  Custom videos and picture sets are posted here on Fanta Production's website for resale - no exceptions.  If I find out you have been sharing my content ANYWHERE, I will never do another video or picture set for you again.
  2. Once payment has been received, no changes to the script can be made.
  3. I do not offer refunds unless there is an issue on my part that prevents me from doing the video or picture set.

By clicking on one of the options below, you are acknowledging that you have read the above terms of use and agree to them.