What I Do Not Film

Hopefully this page will help eliminate some of the confusion regarding what I do not film for Fanta Productions.

  1. No nudity. Period.  If you have seen any nudity from models in past videos and are curious about future videos with those models, I no longer film that type of stuff.
  2. Nothing sexual on the model's part.  This includes, but is not limited to, pretending to have an orgasm, pretending she is turned on by something, masturbating, performing blowjobs (even with dildos), hand jobs, foot jobs, actual sex, 2 models kissing, or a model running her hands provocatively over her private areas with clothes on, etc.  Some models are okay with talking about you being turned on by what they are doing, and that is fine.  It may be best to contact me if you are unsure if a model is comfortable with your custom video script.  With the new design of Fanta Productions launching in 2022, my hope it to have this relevant information on each model's profile page: what they are okay with doing and saying in videos.
  3. No videos are filmed that involve death, the talk of death, blood (even fake blood), anything that concerns poop or pee (which includes just talking about it or something relating to it, such as constipation), or crushing anything alive (including small bugs).
  4. No actual cranking, revving, or driving videos - except with me, Scarlet.  I do those videos of myself here on Fanta Productions as well as custom videos for those categories.  If there is ever a model that I work with in which Shish chooses not to work with on Pump that Pedal, then I will do those videos with her.  Otherwise, if the model is on PTP, Shish handles customs for these genres of videos.  I do film simulated cranking, revving, and driving videos with ALL models if that is of interest to you.

Of course there are some scripts that do not fall under these guidelines that I will not be okay with doing for various reasons.  If you have any questions before submitting a custom video inquiry, please contact me and ask!